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Assignment Help: Mapping the Design

Designing the system – across all its individual components like data storage, input and output layouts, programs specifications and codification scheme – is a completely absorbing task. It therefore pays to sit back and compare the results with those of the earlier step of user requirements. Although each design component of homework is fully derived from the user requirements, yet such checking at the end of full design may throw certain light on the design lacunae.

Here are some steps to be taken in this direction:

1. Adequacy of design

This point suggests that user requirements will be thoroughly combed to find out whether each and every requirement spelt out by the users is addressed in the design.

Sometimes the lengthy and tedious requirements are postponed and then missed out in the excitement of designing the system.

2. Synchronization of design components

Explicit and meticulous efforts are needed to dwell on all the design components simultaneously. According to study daddy these components of data storage input and output layouts, programs specifications and codification scheme may at times lose their touch with each other and give rise to skewness in the overall design. If such an anomaly creeps in, it might raise its ugly head quite late in testing or worse still in the implementation phase. A few examples of such errors are:

(a) A data attributes/field is designed but not used anywhere.

(b) A code devised for purpose is missing in data storage.

(c) An output item is coming in from the blue; no input for it.

(d) An input field is grabbed but not used.

(e) A code has been designed in different ways at two places.

3. Fallacies

Hard to believe, however, at times it has so happened, that in the passionate flow of narrating an elaborate and intricate workflow, users communicate some requirements that are either wrongly stated by them or wrongly comprehended by the systems analyst. Such rare possibilities could be pruned out with a careful design review.

4. Inter-dependencies of design components

Some of the design components are dependent on others and they should flow in that natural time sequence. According to ask expert tutors free service placing a cart before the horse could happen in systems design, too. Such an idiosyncrasy could be spotted with design review alone. Unless removed on time, these errors will reflect on the overall schedule and budget of the project.

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