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Quel est l'âge minimum d'inscription ?

Ahmed Grayaa
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Je souhaite inscrire mon fils aux cours de tennis, il a 3 ans, peut-il participer ?

Topic starter Posté : 29/06/2021 9:57
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That is so nice I also register my son in football he loves playing football.

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Posté : 04/02/2022 8:39
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Tennis can be tough on the body, which would not be suitable for your 3-year-old son. You must wait at least ten more years.

Posté : 08/03/2022 8:54
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It will be great to have your son play tennis, I have been playing tennis since my school days and even now I play for my college team. Actually, I came here to get the finance assignment help, because I am bad at understanding finance. So, help me if you can. 

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Posté : 12/04/2022 11:14
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